The Idaho Kidney Institute

State of the art kidney care for Idaho.

Chronic Kidney Disease

Symptoms develop slowly and aren’t specific to the disease. Some people have no symptoms at all. Our providers can help identify CKD early and start care immediately.


Our providers can help manage diabetes. In many cases we have helped our patient wean of insulin.In some we were able to cure. Come see us and lets figure this out together.

Kidney Transplant

Our providers team has the experience to identify the right candidates for transplant and carries respect and relations with other institutions around the country to ensure proper care.  

Advanced Medicine on Modern Technology

High Blood Pressure

With aim to help not only control but cure.

Electrolyte Abnormalities

Our integration with labs help's use monitor actively.

Interconnected Practice

All of our locations are interconnected with each other.

Kidney Stones

We specialize in treatment and management

Our Team

Dr. Fahim Rahim

Dr. Naeem Rahim

Dr. Hira Siktel

Dr. Michael Haderlie

Amber Vaughan

Tarek Barbar

Amanda Prestigia Como

Khaled Janom

Marianne Nelson

Juliette Hollingshead

Maryann Smout

Matthew Day

Michael Haderlie

Shelly A Abell

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State of the art care for Idaho

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