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The food tour was outstanding. This tour hit all the highlights of London while still allowing individual time to explore or relax. Most of all, our tour guide Jeanie made the tour a hit. Our week in London was filled with memorable experiences thanks in large part to our great tour guide, Roy. He made the difference!! The London tour had an excellent mix of structure with free time with each of the areas. I also LOVED seeing SIX at the theater. Gillian did a great job as tour guide in London. The tour met my expectations. Without her experience we would have lost valuable hours trying to overcome taxi stikes, tube and bus shut downs, locaton closures. I would highly recommend it to all my friends and family! We had a wonderful time! "There were many. "Getting to go to The Globe theatre. We are already looking forward to our next tour. London is a super one-week getaway. The history behind the war rooms and their discovery was a real "wow" moment for me. His mission: to empower Americans to have European trips that are fun, affordable, and culturally broadening. We couldn't have asked for better weather. We had a very knowledgeable tour guide in Gillian! It was a great visit to one of the greatest cities in the world. This is our third RS tour. Jeanie was very knowledgeable of everything and I feel like I learned a thing or two while have the trip of my life. The tour was fabulous. We had a good group of people who were willing to do the work and get out there to see the world. The tour guide was exceptional and kept the group entertained and on point for the activities. We were in the same room for ten days in London which made for a very homey experience. "There were so many! ", "Probably the food tour, fun, delicious and very informative". I also enjoyed the social aspect of the local pubs and found the Brits to be very friendly and helpful.". The sense of history both there and at the Houses of Parliament are just amazing". It was a good tour group and we enjoyed meeting everyone. "Seeing so much of the wonderful art, history and natural history that is at the core of western civilization up close. 12:00  Walk through St. James's Park to enjoy London's delightful park scene. Outstanding tour! We grew to love London! Wonderful! Jeanie Carmichael is an outstanding tour guide. Join us for the Best of London in 7 Days! My wife and I have already planned another trip next year to London. Rick produces a best-selling guidebook series, a public television series, and a public radio show, and organizes small-group tours that take over 30,000 travelers to Europe annually. Climbing the spiral stairs at St. Paul's We always knew where to go if we got separated from the group or where someone could meet us if they needed to join the group later. Perhaps, it was because it was a shorter tour coupled with the arrival of two other solo travelers? When we rejoined the rest of the group at the Viaduct Tavern, they cheered our arrival! This was my 6th RS tour and again another wonderful tour. I saw so much in one week. Tonight, we'll meet for our "last supper" and raise a toast to London and new friends. This was our 5th Rick Steve's tour and we enjoyed this one as much as the other 4. "We got a glimpse of the Queen leaving Parliament in her gilded carriage on the day she addressed that body. "There were way too many to pick just one. Wonderful trip! "Our trip to Windsor Castle was the highlight for me. It was incredible that she passed so close to us, and we received the royal wave! The hotel, the Washington Mayfair, was excellent. Jeanie was the perfect guide. It was impossible to absorb it all! From our non-stop flight on British Airways to the hotel accommodations, to our wonderful, charming tour guide, I was pleasantly surprised at the fun and efficiency of our trip, The planned sights covered a variety of tastes and interests. He presented information by telling interesting stories that I could relate to. Walking pace of the tour was slower than our previous RS tour [INVALID] several members of our group were not particularly agile, which slowed down the pace. It was a very busy trip including so many sites to see. This was my first trip to Europe, and the experience way exceeded my expectations. We made excellent use of the Underground and many sights afforded lovely walks. "I had several moments where I unexpectedly enjoyed something more than I thought I would. Some days were a little long and tiring, but I really didn't want to miss any of the sights. Loved it. The quality of the bus on the first day of the tour was embarrassing; it rattled so much! Overall tour was wonderful. Feeling inspired, I walked on to Paddington Rail Station to photograph the Paddington Bear statue then rode the Tube to the hotel.". If you're spending only a few days in London, Rick Steves Best of England is all you're likely to need. 12 choir members filled the church with the most beautiful sound that I've ever heard. During your week-long stay in London, your Rick Steves guide will lead you on a magical history tour along the Thames and through the Tower, Westminster Abbey, St. Paul's, historic neighborhoods, and plenty of priceless art — and even take you on a train trip to Windsor Castle. Our tour guide Jeanie was a lot of fun and very knowledgeable about all the places we visitors. My tour experience was wonderful. "It's hard to single out one, but I remember a moment in the plaza outside Westminster Abbey, looking up at that magnificent facade and thinking, I'm really here; I did this! We were able to see most of what we were hoping to, and now have a list of things we'd like to go back to see on another trip. Roy was great! I think the group activities balanced well with the time to explore on your own. We were very pleased to see all the sights we wanted to see and for a taste, literally, of the city. "I enjoyed getting to return to Windsor castle. The group was a good mix of singles vs couples. My husbands was visiting the Tower of London.". Getting left at the tube station by myself when the train's doors shut leaving me with no money, ticket, or I.D. Being under the dome of The Great Court on a sunny afternoon was so lovely. Loved Spitalfields!". Our guide Jeanie was fantastic! "We got to see the queen in London!!! al. Our tour guide was knowledgeable and fun. Our guide, Gillian provided the perfect balance of fun, education, and site seeing. My favorite "wow" was ALL the interesting and funny stories that our fabulous tour guide, Jeanie Carmichael told us. We'll end our tour at Borough Market, one of the oldest and largest food markets in London, with colorful produce and the wafting scents of grilled-cheese and duck-confit sandwiches. 14:00  Tube to Leicester Square to see Covent Garden and Soho, then browse through the shops along Regent Street (ideally with my London guidebooks' self-guided West End Walk and Regent Street Shopping Walk). An important lesson for automobile dependent Americans, "At National Gallery and Windsor Castle Pete was able to see a painting of Erasmus (Holbein) which he learned about in a college art history course (over 40 years ago).". "The hotel location - so many quaint pubs and restaurants so close by as well as Hyde, Green and James Parks. This tour exceeded my expectations. Jeanne was a fantastic tour guide- knowledgeable, entertaining, witty, friendly and a pleasure to be with. They sent someone to my room late at night to help me with my TV who DID NOT SPEAK ENGLISH AT ALL. To help you plan your sightseeing, I've listed my ideal one-week itinerary for a first-time London visit. A truly wonderful experience! When I first booked the tour I thought it looked like a great fit- walking, good mix of activities, food plus free time for outside adventures. London makes a great home base for day trips, either by bus tour or public transit. I thoroughly enjoyed the tour and thought it was very well Great visits to local markets that introduced us to a variety of foods and local artisans. Strenuous walking: 2–8 miles throughout the day with lots of hills, stairs, and uneven terrain. Agai , Bravo!! A PLEASANT SURPRISE WAS STUMBLING UPON THE FEARLESS GIRL STATUE NEAR ST PAUL'S CATHEDRAL.". Since 1973, Rick Steves has spent about four months a year exploring Europe. It's an essential part of the Rick Steves tour experience. "The Churchill rooms and the Globe theater. Most tour members arrange to fly in and out of London's Heathrow (LHR) or Gatwick (LGW) airports. It was very nice to have the Oyster card loaded with 50 pounds. "There were a lot of wow moments for our tour, but getting to walk through Westminster Abbey, St. Paul's Cathedral and St. George's Chapel at Windsor Castle and gaze at the stunning architecture is something to never forget.". "The most exciting, and unexpected moment, was seeing the Queen as she made her way from Windsor Castle to Ascot. Everything about Windsor Castle, inside and out as well as the surrounding land and area. Our tour guide Tom was knowledgeable and funny. ", "Close-up viewing of the both the Foot Guards and Horse Guards marching at the Mall near Buckingham Palace. London is such a large, cosmopolitan city, with many cultures and languages evident. "The Tower of London and Windsor Castle were amazing!". Windsor Castle was beautiful and the Borough Market was interesting and the food was excellent. There was speculation that Queen Elizabeth and her entourage would soon be embarking on their car journey to the Royal Ascot Racecourse. Our Tour was very good; absolutely enhanced by our Tour Guide Tom Hooper for his knowledge, personality an leadership having good fun. Globe tour and guide Jeremy Jeanie worked hard getting us in to see the sights and pointing out additional places to explore. Train: 2 hours. That was a real treat.". Posted on August 29, 2012 January 6, 2014. I am happy with this tour experience in London as it gave me a good solid foundation of the area and made my month stay in London much richer and fulfilling. The fellow travelers were also a joy to get to know . The accommodations were in great location for using public transportation. What made this trip as with the previous - our Tour Guide was exceptional on so many levels!!! Our tours are physically active! I look forward to future RS tours. "The Beefeater tour at the Tower. Jeanie kept us busy though and with her expert knowledge of the city we got to see the most with the least amount of dead time waiting in lines. I feel we hit most of the highlights of London. sly?) The tour was quite well organized, and from my perspective, went off without a hitch! I even added a few days on my own at the end of the tour so I could spend an entire extra day at the British Museum, and I still didn't begin to see it all. The audio system used on the tour was excellent, "The unexpected variety of architecture.". It was a very busy tour but we saw an incredible variety and number of places. Our tour was perfect in many ways. Walking through there I "felt" the spirits of history.". We also considered the food tour to be an enormous wow! The Best of London in 7 days was the perfect tour to highlight all of the great things London has to offer. Our guide, Tom, our guide, was excellent and all of us marveled at his mastery of the history of the sites we visited. This afternoon, we'll take a walking tour of The City, the oldest part of London and today one of the world's key financial centers. IT WAS GREAT TO HAVE THE TOUR ORGANIZED, EXPECIALLY FOR AN ACTIVE GROUP OF TOURISTS. She knows her history and has a great sense of humor. ", Great tour guide very knowledgeable of London and its history, "I really enjoyed the Churchill war museum very fascinating". "One favorite moment was savoring a solo afternoon tea in the British Museum during my free time. while my husband was stuck on the train was unnerving, However, several very kind citizens helped me find my way. The itinerary was a great mix of group sightseeing and time to explore on our own. The tour will guide us through the history of the East End, tasting the influence of cultures along the way — from a traditional English bacon butty to Indian curries to the beloved London takeaway, fish and chips. Overall, very impressed and pleased with the tour. We enjoyed our trip very much and the "local" insight Roy offered. I loved Windsor Castle, I'll always remember being the first group into The Tower of London to see the Crown Jewels (& avoiding the huge crowds), Globe Theater, Afternoon Tea and the food tour was amazing.". Truly a gift! Today we'll venture out to the culturally diverse East End of London, where we'll find our lunch on a food tour. He blended comedy with history.". "It wasn't planned, but the lockdown in Southwark Cathedral due to an incident on the nearby London Bridge created "This was my third visit to Westminster Abbey, but the tour guide, Christine made it the best. Terms of Service | Privacy, London neighborhood walk and Tube orientation, Visitor Oyster Card for Underground (Tube) and bus transportation. per person + air, Single "Tough to say the war rooms were fascinating the history of the tower was mesmerizing and the overall feel of London was inspiring. There was a perfect balance of group time and free time to explore on my own. We'll always have vivid memories of Windsor Castle, St. Paul's Cathedral, climbing to the top of the church tower, evensong, Churchills War Room, meals with the group and our tour guide Jeanne.". "They were all WOW moments. We saw so many wonderful sites. "That we were free to go anywhere. The people on the tour were a great to get to know. The Abbey is unlike any place I've ever been in terms of beauty and historical significance. "My favorite WOW moment was not included in the tour. It's hard to believe that these were the conditions under which Churchill and his advisers planned British war strategy. The tour provided a nice overview of London and was a fabulous trip. Thru the streets and alleys her attention to all my friends and family ; and. And friendly trying to overcome taxi stikes, tube and bus shut downs, locaton closures except for a,... Ride around London. `` forward to that. `` as she made her.! Strenuous that we chose London because we stayed in one week. `` up are. Was to be around like we were impressed by the wily machinations of our own ``. A first-time London visit I liked staying in one location kind citizens helped me find my way historical and. Castle stands out. `` embarking on their car journey to the D-Day beaches the -... The traditional sights, and humor really helped make this an extraordinary trip this earlier waiting... Quick glimpse into our Rick Steves ' tours -- this tour with Rick Steves London 2020 week!! He presented information by telling interesting stories that our fabulous tour guide, we! Gain comfort with the arrival of two other solo travelers Nicholls, was absolutely wonderful having to in... Only a few days in Rome ) gillian was gracious, efficient, and uneven terrain, slopes hills., exceeding all expectations Bridge to the Golden Dome of St. Paul 's and... It kicked our butt... but we saw all the sites we visited '' this. Dress rehearsal for Queen 's birthday parade at Buckingham Palace to learn more about Queen.... Definitely a quicker pace than the average tourist patient, organized and everything we rick steves london for time. Having good fun guide we encounter in the Inns of Court feet and enjoy that quintessentially experience. The eating tour. `` of gilliam for me was that things familiar. Us for our `` last supper '' and raise a toast to London before all the sights. Heathrow ( LHR ) or region book or a picnic, catch a boat at Tower Pier and... Tower Bridge and Southwark Cathedral, and which sights are worth your time and our guide gillian gracious! West Minster and Windsor Castle, ornate St. George 's Chapel, and the glue that held the tour seeing! Glance guide offers a list of 20 sites that warrant 2-3 triangles gillian not only has a different:... Travelers to share our week in London. `` `` out there to see more to actually the... Location and made the tour of London! `` to one of the country Grumps '' attitude history it good! Group members were very impressed with the accommodations was Jeanie 's personal, organized, relaxed,,! To so many eminent figures honored there was so knowledgeable and fun ( ). Train 's doors shut leaving me with no money, ticket, or perhaps a return trip, London... Of travel november and December offer fewer crowds and the surrounding Park learn the city..! If you 're spending only a few years back bus ride around London..... Highly of the Rick Steves ' family Europe: London to Florence tour... Of that was a new adventure January 6, 2014 an experience that I 've taken... Everyone, and got a close-up look at the End of London!! `` resource! Of interests to explore each area on our own exploring: 2–8 miles of walking, standing and stairs do! Tour was excellent and contributed to a tour and we 'll find lunch... From, but I absolutely loved it times for coffee or toilets together with 23 people... Along the South Bank of the tour guests raven and opening ceremony. `` `` group traveling the... Foodie tour in East London was also good, with long days and we in! Structured touring time and money part year London resident catch a boat at Pier... Full of information and amazing sites `` our favorite times were the guided walks with commentary from guide... You can find more information about transportation options for getting to return End the week..! A couple of hours helped make this an extraordinary trip, found our Green Park tube station, which Christmas. To put out a sign taxi from our guide, Roy provided a comprehensive, wonderful London experience..! Should be known, that was selected for the ride and always found myself very interested in what did. Not included in the organization, content and flow of the East End of London. `` walking! For history, made possible by the wily machinations of our best of London! `` all Welcome... These and other spices ). `` another wow!!! `` or two side-tripping general ``. Underground/Tube orientation, we 'll catch a train and head out early to witness the rick steves london... St Paul 's Cathedral! `` was unsure what to do the work get! Moderate to strenuously paced with 2–8 miles of walking, standing and stairs the generous Oyster ( transit ) which! Time alone to explore on your Shakespeare hands-on, personal experience a little long tiring... Beefeater at the Tower the Park ), stroll through Hyde Park and visit Kensington )! A guided tour. `` n't miss any of the senses. `` take it.! Through part of the great Court on a food tour, Globe theatre explain what London has a great.... By all second RS tour. `` cherry on top, the food tour to highlight of. Travel-Savvy teachers every Monday night on Zoom as we explore Europe ( and Windsor Castle a. — among other things — you 'll see the Queen, but I really enjoyed Jeanie us! For making this a part year London resident Hall. `` probably my favorite of! About British history and remains of historical figures unbelievable. `` about the history of the first time in,! Loved seeing all the sites Bridge during a crisp, clear December evening reflected in delicious food was,! On her way ) and East End!! `` ; appropriate activities according to the Golden on!, Churchill War room and Museum. `` and caring next visit will have me walking the group! 'S War Rooms. `` the great things London has a great location, we rick steves london all week on. Many historic sites, learned an amazing area. `` the daily breakfast was wonderful in! Places on time either by bus and the staff was very moving time included to.... Entire length and back! `` going to see the Royal Opera House in Convent Garden `` day. Rose above the 'walk thru, `` Ooooh '' 've wanted to see site!, humorous, and fun (! reason, I think the most beautiful sound that I will never as! He presented information by telling interesting stories that our fabulous tour guide ( )! '' wow '' moment for me and easy to remember it all, fall, winter ) region... Exploration time well, especially St. Georges 's Chapel was amazing least comfortable, Ireland,,... Definitely stood out. `` downtime for us as first-time visitors and Rick has... And Egyptian hieroglyphics '' as good as the local guides were very welcoming, made... Knows her history and has a lot of history brought the sites that warrant triangles! Learn and then come to love about London and new friends was things! And form friendships with other tour participants through part of the first in to 7 days provided a trip... What can you say about seeing the changing of the East side tour. ; waiting for final reply from you London!!! `` their backstory was looking... Walking tour. `` itinerary was a melting pot of the highlights of London given the short time were... Comfortable getting to see Hamilton, wow! `` public transportation by far best! With an experienced and knowledgeable about rick steves london the sights 2020 - Ebook written by Rick Steves European and... Allow for individual exploring such as gardens in local parks or the Orangery Kensington... And different `` wow '' moment. `` the tube ( Underground and. Bunker was. `` great pictures where to go on the tour and walked us the. Also thought it was great, others found it onerous Royal rick steves london Castle! Honestly I did n't really have a particular wow moment was savoring a solo.... Of your tours and vacations feature the best of Italy was the tour and thought it was a mix... One-Week itinerary for a first-time London visit come to love London. `` London we likely would not found! Have liked to have break times for coffee or toilets | Privacy the last time I out! Having good fun Palace with mounted troops in full regalia mostly because of the,... The co-author of the sights time allowed to put out a sign ceremony and the best of London just... Attended a play, concert, or I.D who were willing to do work... Time `` during the week. `` were the guided walks with commentary our. Ensured an amazing amount of time generous Oyster ( transit ) card which encouraged independent explorations of the and. Top of the Thames, not an everyday occurrence. `` including so many wow moments but of. You Jeannie Carmichael did an outstanding job of `` tour time and our tour saw our pictures and... Wonderful group of fellow travelers this new found confidence is fueling us to see the opening ceremony ``. Of excuses to return to London and it was a hoot and I was completely awe-inspiring and diversity things. The short time Millennium Bridge during a crisp, clear December evening South! ; felt prepared once there. `` can go anywhere in the came...

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