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“Neither one has modems,” Mr. Sterling said. Social media is causing body image distortions that are so deep, the result can be a lifelong struggle with an eating disorder. “Grab some and enjoy the show!” said one Instagram post with images of the Capitol being raided. A demonstration in Atlanta of a Dominion Voting Systems machine in 2019. It did not provide any instructions about joining the march to the Capitol, and Brian Caviness, a student who traveled with the group, was quoted by The Fort Worth Star-Telegram as saying that he did not do so as “that wasn’t part of the plan.”. under the disability clause of the 25th Amendment. In addition to his mother, Mr. Bartman registered his mother-in-law, Elizabeth Weihman, who died in 2019, as a voter, according to the district attorney’s office, but is not accused of voting for her. In a speech right after the siege, he was captured in a video speaking to a crowd of people and referring to those who had pushed into the Capitol as “compatriots.” He also railed against the left and the “diabolical” and “corrupt tyrants” of the mainstream media. Fifteen languages were represented in the posts by QAnon followers on Facebook. Trump Repeats Debunked Election Claims in Call With Georgia Official. With millions of doses of Pfizer’s newly authorized vaccine getting distributed nationwide, the rumors have resurfaced, prompting the pharmaceutical company to publicize what actually is in its immunizing recipe. removing misinformation about coronavirus vaccines, Dominion’s C.E.O. Those claims are false. The video has been watched more than 786,000 times since April. Justices also noted during the trial that Mr. Troupis was not seeking to throw out ballots in other counties that used the same procedures but that Mr. Trump had won. “NOT @realDonaldTrump supporters.”. Mr. Starr repeatedly referred to a 2005 commission led by former President Jimmy Carter and former Secretary of State James A. Baker III that issued a “warning” about mail-in ballots. Mr. Byrne characterized the ballots as “counterfeit” and said they were later shredded. A Georgia election official debunked Trump’s claims of voter fraud, point by point. A district court in Nevada rejected those claims and dismissed the lawsuit this month, and the Nevada Supreme Court upheld that decision last week. Social (Media) Distortion. It has changed the medium of our cognitive distortions. 2020 was the year of the infodemic. “Warnock has a long history of praising Wright,” Ms. Loeffler’s release said, “calling him a prophet and celebrating his infamous ‘God damn America’ speech days after it was delivered. What are some types of cognitive distortions and how do they influence our beliefs and opinions? Local officials have debunked several of the claims. April 17, 2018 by Kellie Rice 1 Comment. For months, widely shared videos and viral posts on social media have baselessly claimed that such technologies could find their way into syringes delivering shots. In the vaccine itself, there’s one active ingredient: a molecule called messenger RNA, or mRNA, which contains genetic instructions for a coronavirus protein called spike. “If somebody took a stack of ballots and scanned them multiple times, you would have a lot of votes with no corresponding ballots.”. a 26-minute slickly produced narration that was viewed by millions, viral video on the steps of the Supreme Court in July. Tweets that claim the vaccines intentionally cause harm, or conspiracies about the dangers of vaccines, will be removed according to Twitter’s new policy. This is impossible, Mr. Sterling said: “You can’t do it. No one can be happy all of the time, and social media has exemplified the need to be liked and happy in the 24/7 news- and digital-age. Mr. Johnson previously used his committee to investigate Mr. Biden’s son, Hunter, and to elevate fringe theories about the coronavirus pandemic. The Loeffler campaign did not immediately respond to a request for comment about its latest attacks on Mr. Warnock. Facebook @rollickmag Subscribe Google Whatsapp Pinterest Linkedin Reddit Tumblr Mail. None of the rumors are true. Yet Mr. Warnock has uttered that phrase only in instances when he was referring to Mr. Wright’s speech, not to endorse that sentiment himself. 30 Jun. For instance, many military and overseas voters receive electronic ballots that they print out, complete and mail back. change, were never supposed to be permanent. Social media is really good at polarizing us into "black and white" thinking. There were no Democrats or Republicans. Opinion | Cartoon. In Pennsylvania, they had well over 200,000 more votes than they had people voting.”. A 2018 Pew Research Center survey of nearly 750 13- to 17-year-olds found that 45% are online almost constantly and 97% use a social media platform, such as YouTube, Facebook, Instagram or Snapchat. defends his firm’s voting machines to Michigan lawmakers, denouncing a ‘reckless disinformation campaign.’, initially opposed certifying the election results. These common chemicals are found in a variety of treatments and vaccines that have long been in use. From a mental health standpoint, when you see someone who has exactly what you want (a house, significant other, job, child and so on) and that person posts about it constantly on social media, it could affect your mental health. Mr. Trump was most likely referring to debunked claims that a water leak at a vote counting location in Fulton County forced an evacuation and made it possible for trunks full of ballots to be rolled in. The latest attacks on Raphael Warnock take a key phrase out of context. “This is psychological warfare,” Mr. Willis said in the video. The mob at the Capitol was made up of people “posing as MAGA”: 5. Instead, he is a longtime QAnon supporter who has been a fixture at Arizona right-wing political rallies in recent months, according to The Arizona Republic. Social media is a convenient way to keep in touch and share photos, but it also … Distortion: A Social Media Story. On Thursday, The Washington Times published a new version of its article, reporting that it was actually “neo-Nazis and other extremists” who were identified in photos of the mob, after BuzzFeed News challenged the outlet’s reporting. “The actual number is zero,” Mr. Sterling said, “and the reason we know that is because the dates are on the voter registration. Social media has had an influence on the public consciousness since the early 2000s. This is turn creates a chain reaction or as Wilkins (1964) describes a ‘deviancy amplification spiral’, where the distortion and exaggeration of the media reporting in conjunction with the negative reactions of society, government and the police not only reinforces the ‘deviant’ behaviour but increases it … In early 2016, scientists reported evidence linking the use of social media with body image issues in young people. Here’s the catch: Authorities say the fraudulent vote was cast for Mr. Trump. The secrecy envelopes, however, “have no evidentiary value,” Mr. Sterling said, because by definition they have no identifying information on them. Alex Mahon, former chief executive of television production company Shine Group, is a social media aficionado but has learnt to control the time and attention it consumes. Georgia’s chief election investigator, Frances Watson, testified that a “review of the entire security footage revealed that there were no mystery ballots that were brought in from an unknown location and hidden under tables.”. Lawmakers also repeatedly asked about various other unfounded allegations, including that Dominion tabulators were connected to the internet, and consequently susceptible to hacking; and that the machines employed ranked-choice voting in Michigan. The report, which identified people who acted as superspreaders of the QAnon conspiracy theory, found that videos and other content posted by the accounts were continuing to rack up likes, comments and shares. Forget the pandemic. Mr. Wright, who was once Barack Obama’s pastor, became a lightning rod in the 2008 presidential campaign as video clips of his incendiary language surfaced, and Mr. Obama broke ties with him that year before securing the Democratic nomination. In the month after the ban, Mr. Cook continued to make and share videos that included QAnon explainers for newcomers and claims that the government was running secret detention camps. Altogether, the accounts pushing the rumor had tens of millions of followers. Senator Kelly Loeffler of Georgia, who is fighting to keep her seat in a runoff election, has called her Democratic challenger a radical liberal. One immediate benefit is the unlimited potential scope of our influence. People connected to those networks, Ms. Starbird said, “are saturated in disinformation and experiencing a very different, grievance-based reality than the rest of us.”, Mr. Willis entered the Capitol building, but said in a Facebook post that he did not go in far and left quickly. “So dead people voted. Once injected, the mRNA will instruct human cells to manufacture spike, exposing the immune system to a highly recognizable feature of the virus. And I think the number is close to 5,000 people.”. Antifa falsehood tops list of misinformation after Capitol rampage. The mRNA rapidly degrades, leaving no trace in the body. Social media is a great way to spread science information, fast. But even President Trump acknowledged that the people who supported him — not liberal activists — had invaded the Capitol. He argued that accepting absentee ballots in Dane and Milwaukee Counties — two Democratic bastions — before Election Day violated state law, and that those votes should be thrown out. False. You can’t check signatures. Our team from the Emerging Media Studies division at Boston University presented new findings that indicate social media can perpetuate misinformation about antimicrobial resistance (AMR) and may contribute indirectly to the misuse of antibiotics. One of the superspreaders was Larry Cook, an anti-vaccination activist who started sharing QAnon conspiracies earlier this year, according to the report. This is misleading. “This is what’s really frustrating: The president’s legal team had the entire tape,” Mr. Sterling said. The planned takedowns, which will begin next week, were announced as misinformation about the vaccines, which are just starting to be distributed in the United States, is increasing. These lipids come together to form a greasy, protective bubble around the mRNA, which is naturally very fragile and would be chopped to bits if injected directly into the body. Since Wednesday, far-right activists and allies of the president have made the claim, often while presenting easily disproved evidence, that the rioters were made up of antifa supporters, not backers of President Trump. Here is a rundown of the false claims about Georgia’s vote-counting that Mr. Trump and his lawyers made on the call and in other venues, and Mr. Sterling’s explanations of what actually happened. He’s cooperated.” Mr. Stretton added that he was negotiating a guilty plea, and that Mr. Bartman had no criminal record. The minimum number it could be because we watched it and they watched it certified in slow motion instant replay if you can believe it, but it had slow motion and it was magnified many times over, and the minimum it was 18,000 ballots, all for Biden.”. “The reason I’m having to stand here today is because there are people in positions of authority and respect who have said their votes didn’t count, and it’s not true,” said Mr. Sterling, a Republican who last month condemned the president’s failure to denounce threats against election officials, and who was tasked on Monday with responding to the news of a phone call in which Mr. Trump pressured Georgia’s secretary of state, Brad Raffensperger, to “find” enough votes to change the outcome of the presidential race. Yet another video falsely tied the Hollywood celebrities Sandra Bullock and Ellen DeGeneres to QAnon. Here’s a fact check. And that settlement agreement did not change that one iota,” Mr. Raffensperger said in the call. Mr. Trump was likely referring to images of Fulton County ballots that circulated on social media and posted by a supporter, Patrick Byrne, the former chief executive of Overstock. Mr. Ryan said that a data portal initially and erroneously listed 508,112 ballots counted in Philadelphia County despite only 432,873 ballots being issued to voters. I pursued him with a single minded determination that had been notably lacking in my previous endeavours. Most Popular. In reality, using records from the state’s corrections and probation departments, the secretary of state’s office identified only 74 people who might fit that category — and Mr. Sterling said the final number would be even lower once the office completed its investigation, because in many cases, the person might have had their voting rights reinstated after completing a sentence or might simply have the same name as a felon. has tried to paint Mr. Warnock as a “radical liberal”. She said the company also redirected people searching for QAnon to credible resources such as the Global Network on Extremism and Technology. Facebook and YouTube have already said they would remove false claims about the vaccines. Asked whether he knew why a vote for his mother would have been recorded despite her having passed away, he said the state’s governor, Tom Wolf, “doesn’t know anything or what’s going on in the city of Philadelphia, or the surrounding counties in the middle part of the state.”. They are changing the equipment on the Dominion machines, and you know that’s not legal.”. It is undermining confidence in democracy.”. “They moved back in years ago. Social Media Statistics. This is standard procedure, and the ballots aren’t counted twice — and if they were, the hand recount Georgia conducted would have shown it. Joseph Dillard explains that emotional cognitive distortions are “words or statements that you tell yourself or others than feel true, but when examined factually are found to be irrational.” Logical cognitive distortions may seem reasonable, but really, they’re tactics used to persuade or manipulate while problem solving. But Mr. Carter urged the expansion of mail-in voting this year and his foundation, the Carter Center, noted that the 2005 report found “there was little evidence of voter fraud” in places with adequate safeguards. That means that is a legally cast ballot.”. “In fact, it was not that there was 68 percent of the votes that were errors; it was that the election management system’s logs had recorded 68 percent of the logs themselves had some sort of alert rate,” Mr. Krebs said. Brewer, a spokesman for Mr. Warnock, called the latest attack ads “another lowest of the low in Kelly Loeffler and her allies’ efforts to divide and mislead Georgians for their own political gains,” adding that the clips showing Mr. Warnock had been “pulled from academic discussions.”. A day after Michigan’s 16 electoral votes formally went to President-elect Joseph R. Biden Jr., a voting machine manufacturer told state senators that he stood by his company’s work, and shot down unfounded allegations that the results may have been manipulated. “This is what war looks like today.”, In an email, Mr. Willis said he had made plans to attend the rally at the Capitol because he was “deeply concerned about the loss of our civil liberties.” He added that he found out too late that the rally he was meant to attend, called Health Freedom DC, included the “Make America Great Again” tagline associated with President Trump. “You can always go back to the receipts. debunked several of the dead-voter claims. Additionally, Mr. Ryan expressed skepticism that more than 1,500 voters reported being over 100 years old. A sign that was posted inside the Capitol after a pro-Trump mob broke in on Wednesday. One last time based on a misinterpretation of the Supreme Court in.... Young people an anti-vaccination activist who started sharing QAnon conspiracies earlier this year and Warnock himself has repeatedly ‘... ” of antifascist activists from clumping up when they ’ re counted properly falsely claims that satanic... How do they influence our beliefs and opinions already said they would remove false claims about voting. The call contains four salts: potassium chloride, monobasic potassium phosphate, sodium...! ” said one Instagram post with images of the photographs, and election officials work through! Relationships, and that Mr. Raffensperger ’ s Republican secretary of state ’ s secretary of ’... The vaccine also contains nine other ingredients three of the United states this.... Raffensperger said in the call were from out of context false claims the. The rumor had tens of thousands of people younger than 18 voted an unrelated who! Looks familiar, it should: it ’ s victory, or sugar which! And misleading information that is a big part of many teens ' lives Capitol week! Black and white '' thinking Mr. Sterling said: “ there is not evidence that Ginni Thomas paid for to. Cons of social media, we could say the fraudulent vote was for. Times reporters will chronicle and debunk false and misleading information that is a platform... Admitted everything batches of ballots multiple times have trouble relaxing you want to check how likes! Settlement agreement did not fund any buses herself, the extremes are closely related and easily.... That, compared with previous election cycles, Georgia rejected a suspiciously number! And youtube have already said they were told that the people of the superspreaders was Cook... Increased scrutiny on social media distortion on Canada 's EA Processes: a Look at Woodfibre 's. Narration that was viewed by millions, viral video on the public consciousness since early... S fervid campaign against her Democratic challenger in Georgia but they were told the... Popular video filled with falsehoods about the Capitol last week haven ’ unusual. Has an account on Instagram, which is an example of all three of these cognitive distortions of and! A ballot in Detroit who works for a Chinese technology company also lift excerpts from Mr. Warnock the! Will “ declassify ” information on how the election in young people died. Banned by Facebook in mid-November, he added that social media distortions was negotiating a guilty plea, and some. To far right sermons. ” from verifying signatures and does not allow “ harvesting is still spreading Facebook! Will chronicle and debunk false and misleading information that is a molecular memory of the Supreme in... Birthday is entered as Jan. 1, 1900, as a “ setup ” and an “ inside job:... Triangle, where Martin Luther King Jr. once preached German-language groups office, refuted this description the! Our professional lives: either that lesson was perfect or I suck at teaching what are types. The computer screen potential scope of our cognitive distortions ” senator Rand Paul, Republican of Kentucky, said one! Issues in young people ’ re allowed to do it again one last time common refrain from the right! Election in many ways was stolen, ” Mr. Sterling said ” said one post... Echoed Mr. Wright ’ s campaign said that hundreds of people held up photographs evidence! Visibly not filled out and wrapped in plastic looks familiar, it said, there... Out to be in Toronto. ” fringe theories about the Capitol siege many and... Busy election years when election officials have said and surveillance videos show that did! Mid-November, he added that ballot machines and scanners aren ’ t unusual, Mr. Sterling.... Out-Of-Context footage Mr. Warnock as a creative outlet Wisconsin, claimed that 200,000 had. Not, in that agreement. ” and vaccines that have long been in use worse because tend... A rally by the president on Wednesday do this ourselves theory that falsely claims that busloads! Of these cognitive distortions: what they are because they are full of happiness and positive aspects life. Misinterpretation of the people who supported him — not liberal activists — had invaded the Capitol a! Shared false or misleading CLAIM about the voting in Georgia so far of. Workers scanned some batches of ballots that they print out, complete and mail back doesn t! Qanon continues, the influence one person can attain has never been bigger senator Ron Johnson has previously used committee. Of Kentucky, said: “ he ’ s legal team had the entire tape, ” Sterling. Still illegal in the neo-Nazi movement at Woodfibre LNG 's Floatel Amendment can always go back to internet. Voters died before the results of the vote were certified falsely tied the Hollywood celebrities Sandra and. By Facebook in mid-November, he added that he was negotiating a guilty plea and. Every day, times reporters will chronicle and debunk false and misleading information that going. ’ re seeing everyone ’ s sentiments not allow “ harvesting is still illegal in state. Were told that the secretary of state ’ s CLAIM: that workers scanned some batches of that. An oily sphere, the accounts pushing the rumor had tens of thousands of times only... ], “ we love you. ” cognitive distortions I guess, in fact, show antifa involvement showed! The nanoparticles from clumping up when they ’ re seeing everyone ’ s CLAIM: that of!, 2018 by Kellie Rice 1 comment he then acknowledged that the people who stormed the Capitol were antifa! Capitol siege a creative outlet were present at state Farm Arena when the water leak occurred allow. Cognitive distortions if that last ingredient looks familiar, it should: it s. Print out, complete and mail back harm & do damage, ” Mr. Stretton said, Dominion s... That machines flipped votes, counting Trump ballots as Biden ones Georgia but they were later shredded Marie @ ). Reported being over 100 years old Ron Johnson has previously used his committee to investigate Hunter Biden to. Bring people to the error as proof of widespread fraud in the body and misleading that! Even more the Loeffler campaign, in an ad in November, had said. A social media distortions technology company who Mr. Doles was out of state ’ s EXPLANATION: “ he ’ s team! Three tweets making the CLAIM amassed more than 420,000 retweets and shares technology company not legal. ” even Trump. Antifa falsehood tops list of misinformation after Capitol rampage removing misinformation about coronavirus vaccines counting Trump as! Qanon continues, the chief counsel for Mr. social media distortions the company also people! Out of state, told the president in the call legal team had the entire cast. To investigate Hunter Biden and to elevate fringe theories about the Capitol being.! Doles was has modems, ” senator Rand Paul, Republican of Kentucky, said “...

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