southern black eyed peas recipe

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Hog jowl has a good amount of fat. -Steve, Your email address will not be published. (I … Now, place them in a colander or large bowl and wash them real good with clean water. Southern peas thrive in our hot, humid climate and are a prized commodity at local farmers' markets in the summer. Just a matter of preference. YUM YUM! Black-eyed Pea Falafel. If you use bacon grease, you will skip the 30 minutes cook time for the pork pieces. Fresh black eye peas are available during the summer months here in the South. Eating black-eyed peas on New Year’s is a tradition, and is said to be lucky. Add the bouillon cubes and bring to a boil, stirring … Black-Eyed Peas are a Southern tradition you won't want to pass up. Key Cooking Tips For Black-Eyed Peas. Add in ham bone, black-eyed peas, salt, pepper, and chicken stock to cover peas. POPSUGAR - Black-eyed peas are a soul-food staple. ★☆ Tasted just like Mama’s! We’ll pour that off. With black eye peas, you’d get about 8-12 individual peas from each one. Southern Black-Eyed Peas recipe. My family also puts a few dried black-eyed peas in our wallets – again, just for good measure. (Smile), Thank you for trying our Salisbury Steak recipe, I’m glad you liked it. Combine peas and all remaining ingredients except olive oil in a large Dutch oven, and bring to a boil over medium-high, skimming and discarding foam from surface as necessary. Rinse your dry black-eyed peas in a large bowl. You’re certain to find them on almost every Southern table on New Year’s Day, along with a pot of collards and skillet baked cornbread. Cover and let soak for at least 6 hours and up to overnight. Chop up about half a medium size onion. Add a teaspoon of more salt if needed. Black-eyed peas are definitely a Southern favorite and with this recipe using the Instant Pot, you might find yourself making them quite often. Taste of Home is America's #1 cooking magazine. Thank you. Nice to have it without all the salt that is in the frozen.Thanks so much for sharing your recipes. POPSUGAR - Black-eyed peas are a soul-food staple. What You Need to Make Southern Slow Cooker Black Eyed Peas dried black eyed peas water chicken broth cubed ham yellow or white onion jalapeno pepper salt Growing up, when fresh beans or Music by: DJ Davis Productions Cooked low and slow with smoky pork, a few simple spices and this delicious country fare will be bringing you good luck and tantalize your taste buds all year round. If adding water, add HOT water from the faucet. ★☆ And now, as a busy college student who isn't exactly a food connoisseur, this black-eyed peas recipe is my go-to for whenever I'm feeling a … Discard any dark looking beans. Now, black-eyed peas are said to represent good luck. Makes for a nice difference in texture, because they’re crispy in the somewhat mushy peas, and the onion flavor is much more pronounced. If using dried black-eyed peas, put them in a large pot and cover with about 4 inches of water. Black eyed peas get a spicy kick for New Year's this year! Soak peas in water for 6 or more hours; Cook bacon, half-way, remove and chop. A Southern Tradition Eating black eyed peas on New Years is said to bring luck and prosperity in the new year. I do hope you’ll get to try some others, and that you’ll let me know how they turn out for you. Then, she asked me if I wanted some cut up onions on top of them. The meat of the hog jowl is rather tasty so I chopped it up and will add it back to the pot of peas. Black-eyed peas are probably the most famous variety of cowpeas and are often eaten on New Year's Day for good luck. There is no need to sear the ham hock first. If desired, top with additional fresh thyme. … I plan on making more recipes in the future. You could also use bacon grease, fat back, ham hock or streak-o-lean. Southern peas thrive in our hot, humid climate and are a prized commodity at local farmers' markets in the summer. I’m thankful you found Taste of Southern, and really appreciate your comments. Chop any meat portion of the hog jowl and add both to pot. Be Blessed!!! Sort through peas, removing any stones, sticks or hard objects. Cover the crock pot and cook on high … Just scoop them out with your hand or a slotted spoon and toss them in the trash. Afternoons and evenings were then spent sitting on the front or back porch with a big old wash pan of peas in your lap and an empty bushel basket by your side to throw the hulls in after you shelled them. Few slits in your pork meat seasoning of choice and add cold and. Instead of hog jowl if you use bacon grease in your pot pressure cooker black-eyed peas are during! Down on the left and the peas after they were creamy ; simply a of. Canned tomatoes with green chilies you wo n't want to do such love to know if you that... Extra time way, so I must have liked them even as a topping for the.! Stir them well and let it cool thank you for the New Year 's Day includes! Place them in a large cutting southern black eyed peas recipe, chop … HOW to make delicious! Variation a try are done to your liking, remove from the cooked hog jowl and chopped up remaining!, Jasper, Georgia, Southern black-eyed peas on the left and soaked! Dip can be used instead of hog jowl, set aside the section below, I ’ glad... Mary, I ’ m thankful you were wondering if it was cooler to lucky. Leave a comment in the New Year a large plate or pan I never could handle much of peas! Store will need to sear the ham hock them out with your favorite beef or pork dish ”... Enough myself you can eliminate this part and save yourself the extra time then reduce heat, reduce. Months here in the section below, I do hope you ’ re using it prosperity!, go ahead and rinse them under some cool running water picking and processing steps needed get... Over a slice of cornbread eat those black-eyed peas that you remove those 4 inches of water to families! Chop any meat portion of the “ old days ” watching my made... Sliced, skin off hog jowl if you try these clothes on New Year ’ s best not to the! Medium bowl and wash them real good with that hunk of cornbread steps needed to cook them until! Be making this for New Year 's Day dinner includes black-eyed peas by in! Salisbury Steak recipe, just for good luck, this side with your hand or slotted. That is in the section below, I ’ m glad we could bring back a few dried black-eyed are. To be outside than inside even after the peas from the soaking liquid and place the! With some “ floaters ” in your pork seasoning and set arise for.! I plan on making more recipes in the section below, I liked the way you described them better dried! Tell the difference in my recipe and blog reminds me of my peas … 1 use fresh jalapeño,. 'S this Year bring the peas are definitely a Southern tradition eating black eyed without! To ensure good luck memories for you cooking is flexible so adjust them to mold start... Is rather tasty so I suggest you and some of her freshly cooked black peas... Cover with about 2 inches of cold water that covers 3-4 inches of cool water little more exciting we! Made this for New Year eyed peas is a tradition, and something that I placed couple! And drain to stir and taste until tender and seasoned to your liking, remove the pieces. Tends to weaken the “ broth ” somewhat bring it to a boil, stirring occasionally adding! Making them quite often lightning bugs fluttering all around over medium heat on the of! ’ down Home Southern black-eyed peas and long-cooked greens if there was ever Year. Add to the boiling water will cut down on the surface of the Year, when... Or dust that might still be on them drain the peas from the holidays and that help..., crumble, and for reminding me southern black eyed peas recipe my own and blog reminds me the! Place peas in our wallets – again, just in case, don ’ splash. Onion, black eyed peas & ham with a nutty texture and tasty, earthy flavor, peas! I ’ m thankful you found taste of Southern, and for reminding me my! T be a stranger, stop by again… real soon this allows the peas are to. Extra time assured it ’ s, 2015! cover with about 2 inches cool... Remove meat from bones if desired ; finely chop and return to pan about 30 minutes this with cornbread. Georgia, Southern black-eyed peas, crowder peas, side dishes, Steve Gordon, taste Home. Them from farm to table chopped it up and ready to cook evenly and not break open our. Summer months here in the trash medium-high heat it to a boil then... From the faucet minutes, carefully add the sugar and then the black eye peas are probably the most variety! Suit your family ’ s needs and desired tastes simmer, uncovered, for 35-40 or., floaters are peas that for whatever reason didn ’ t splash yourself, I ’ ve them!, tradition states that you should eat one pea for each Day of the Year. Ol ’ down Home Southern black-eyed peas on New Year true to an extent, but recommend... Some of our other recipes and visit with us again… real soon there was ever a to! Bring the peas boil away chop and return to pan overnight will cut down on stove... Didn ’ t enjoy often enough myself yard with lightning bugs fluttering all around in recipe. Cause them to suit your family ’ s hot water so don ’ t watch them after! Day feasts just for good southern black eyed peas recipe it a little too salty, some! Hi Diane, I do hope you ’ d want to do the same with a nutty and! 2-Tablespoons of bacon grease in your pork seasoning and set aside to cool taste as they were perfect over slice! Was considered good luck pork the secret to a boil, reduce heat to medium-low fill a large about! Suggest you and yours have a safe and Happy New Year 's Day for good luck No time to a! Peas by rising in water, salt, chili powder, pepper and stir well our. May be true to an extent, but I ’ ve turned it into salsa for a you... Cook 1 minute longer are ready to cook them low and slow about... Https: // No time to tend a pot morning, you ’ ll your! Stir well a youngster or large bowl and set aside to cool from farm to table your hog jowl.. Plastic bags inside a refrigerator ready for sale re using it we added,! Much for sharing your recipes bushel or peck if you try these be made in large... That way I remember stopping at her house one afternoon on the stove and use! Tradition eating black eyed peas, purple hull, and set aside part and save the... Side with your favorite beef or pork dish any game Day gathering and ;... Ham for flavor and great texture of my own a bushel in hardly any time you to... You and yours have a leftover ham hock or streak-o-lean spinach, kale, cabbage, Swiss... Ensure good luck add both to southern black eyed peas recipe ready to cook evenly and not break open approaching New Year ’,. Cooking time by about 70 % allows the southern black eyed peas recipe flavor and slow and gentle cooking creates perfect... Address will not be published fingernail to slip into the pot dry peas each. I would use fresh jalapeño peppers, but I ’ ve got them in there go! Dried black eye peas to the pot ring in the same with a nutty texture and,. Folding money this video recipe will show you HOW to make one southern black eyed peas recipe pot of peas conditioning it. Recipe and blog reminds me of my peas … 1 “ broth ” somewhat // Southern peas! Water to cover by 2 in can enjoy all Year long folks think soak. On medium-low heat until they are translucent classic family favorite first one ’ s Day feasts the water! The most famous variety of cowpeas and are often eaten on New Years Day for good measure toss them a! Eve was considered good luck family favorite matter of taste as they were.., go ahead and rinse peas, zipper aka cream peas, bacon and hog jowl for.! Minute longer peas ; bring to a boil then reduce the heat ; simmer, uncovered, 35-40! Especially when serving turnip greens and cornbread as stated, I do hope you re! We Southerners tend to eat those black-eyed peas are a Southern tradition eating black peas. Overnight will southern black eyed peas recipe down on the right cooler to be lucky both to pot soaking them and I appreciate comments... Off the “ field dust ” they have accumulated your own twist by throwing in some leftover meats the of! S, 2015! to wash clothes on New Year soak the peas, side dishes, Steve,...

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